Double Eyelid Surgery – What is it and what are the benefits?

This type of Asian eyelid surgery portland, called Asian double fold, double eyelid, or double-fold, involves creating a break at the top eyelid. It is the goal of this procedure to increase the definition of the eye by improving your natural facial features and the contour of the upper eyelid.

A double fold is not always present on every eyelid. This can be defined as the crease that runs along the edge of your eyelid. It is an attractive feature for men and women alike. You can also apply your makeup more easily, which gives you a new way to enhance the look of your eyes or to switch up your style.

In Asian eyes it’s common to see both a double and a single fold. Skilled surgeons can make a low, defined crease to create an upper eyelid fold. It is a very precise surgery that involves creating creases, removing small amounts of skin from the platform, and then carefully tensioning both the muscle and skin. Aside from adding the fold to the upper eyelid, the majority of your eyelids will remain unchanged.

In order to achieve a natural appearance, the placement of folds is crucial. Folds must be placed symmetrically, precisely, on each lid. As much of the eyelid’s natural appearance as possible should also be maintained. Unexpected results can occur when a non-specialist performs the procedure. This is because many textbooks advise making this fold too high or that they lack experience and specialization with Asian double fold surgeries. The key to a natural-looking result is finding a highly skilled surgeon that understands this procedure and can tailor it individually for every individual eye. You should choose a surgeon who will take a conservative approach to complement your eyelids rather than change the appearance of your eyes.

It is important to find an oculoplastic doctor who can help you create the fold. This fold can be created in two ways: the first is with surgery as explained above. Another common method is using temporary stitches to form an upper lid crease. The threads used to create the fold are temporary and fail eventually. Opt for double-fold surgery to achieve a refined and permanent look. It is important that the surgery retains Asian features, since they are unique to each person. Each person’s eyes are different, so a surgery that is successful must be tailored to each individual.

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