Masculine Energy in comparison to Feminine Energy

The concept of masculine or feminine energy has been on my mind a lot recently. Everything sort of fits with the yin/yang definitions for masculine and femininity. The differences are obvious. I don’t think you need my help. See index for get more info.

It is more the accusation and blame that I find myself called to speak about today. Some religions have a masculine God and some have a feminine Goddess. Some people have this arrogant assumption that only the one of these beliefs is correct, and that all other beliefs are stupid and misguided. The belief is that everyone will agree with their view on power if they all subscribe.

New age communities are discussing a return in feminine energy and feminine leadership. The belief is that we’ll magically restore the beauty of civilization and harmony by having women lead.

It was only recently that I found an article from a “new age” man, asking us women where they were. When would we come back and fix the mess which he thinks the men made to our planet? Wow! How big a responsibility is that!

It was not my task to fix the mess you’ve made!

You make a mess. Then you ask when the other person will be cleaning it up. Asking men “When are they going to pick up their mess?” is a better idea. After I calmed, however, I thought more about how the feminine power works. When I went back to re-think my answers, I realized that the feminine energy was gentle and nurturing. It is healing and loving. Our energy will not be like that of warriors going to war. It will look like the leaves blowing in the breeze.

It’s been several weeks since I first started thinking about this. Here are some of my more informed thoughts. Why are they even referred as feminine or masculine? Do you know a lady who would fight her life to save the family she loves? A man can cry over the joy of a child’s birth. Do you believe that women have the capacity to be greedy, selfish or egocentric? Do you believe men can’t be healers as well? When did we stop believing in the idea that there are two energies within us all? This problem was not caused by women but men.

You must be willing to accept victimization. It’s not hard for women to rise to power if they are willing to look past the disparity in their physical abilities. It’s true that we both agreed with the philosophy of men being smarter, strong, and nearer to god. They chose that same belief, and we did too.

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