Running Vehicles or Robots can Help You Conserve Oil

Have you heard about people driving around the country using cooking oil as fuel? This isn’t an urban myth. It is not an urban myth.

Diesel motor oil is a great substitute for cooking oil. Yes, the oil smokes and it does smell, but what’s the harm? It’s still worth it to get free fuel, even if the smell is like that of a gigantic french fry. Oil Reclamation Services Amlon Group could be the answer to saving diesel car owners money in today’s world of ever increasing gas and oil costs.

A Step to Recycle Cooking Oil: The Filtration Process

To avoid the buildup of byproducts, many fuel providers double or triple the number of filters they use to filter the particles out of cooking oil fuel that enters the vehicle engine. Additional filtration is useful, especially when you’re concerned with clogged up fuel lines or excessive smoke. With gas and oil costs on the rise, what better way to motorize our vehicles, trucks, robots, and other diesel powered machinery than by using filtered, reused oil?

Consider the below oil filtration system model for use in your next environmentally-friendly oil conservation effort.

The oil filtering model

Best use for:

– institutional cafeterias

Mess halls for military personnel

– industrial complex kitchens

A potential alternative fuel source:

Facility maintenance vehicles

Vehicle manufacturing

Unmanned Ground Vehicles – i.e. Colleges, hospitals and power plants


Step 1: Extraction of oil from kitchen facilities by human labor, or forced air hose systems

Step 2: Collection of oil in holding tanks

Step 3: oil passes through several filtering/drainage tank

Step 4: Before being pumped in to utility vehicles, oil flows into an “oil-filtering tank” that is similar to a gasoline filter.


– Dual tank system

– Triple-trap filtration capabilities


Ideal filtration systems would be bigger than the current dumpster-style waste collection boxes that are seen behind many restaurants. Triple traps, double tanks are a must. They should resemble Storm Water Clarifiers. One tank will be used as a waste container. This holding tank can be emptied by robots or employees. You can also install a hose that allows the oil waste from your kitchen to go directly to your receptacle.

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