Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaners

Prior to Carpet Cleaners North Shore, it is essential that you know what you require. If you make the wrong choice in commercial carpet cleaners, it could cost you hundreds of pounds, while the wrong rug washer could cause you to lose productivity.

This guide to carpet cleaning offers helpful tips and tricks for choosing the right rug cleansers.


Carpet cleaners reach temperatures as high 210oF. A water temperature of about 140oF should be sufficient to wash most rugs. If you want to save money, consider investing in a low-cost cold water carpet washing machine. These carpet cleaners should only be used if self-heating does not need to happen. Each rug cleaner’s guide recommends that expensive or old rugs be cleaned with cold water. There are carpet washing machines that use hot water for cleaning and also non-heated. In the same vein, carpet washing machines without heating can be used to wash rugs with preheated hotwater.

High Flow

Due to their many benefits, low flow machines can be used with rugs cleaners. Carpet cleaning machines with low water flow reduce cleanup on the job site, and lead to a faster rug dry. If a rug dries faster, the possibility of mold and smell is reduced. Rug washer’s guides warn you to avoid machines with large flow rates as they can take longer for the rug to dry.

Pressure Pump

In commercial machines, the pump pressure can be higher than in domestic ones. The pump pressure of industrial carpet washers starts out at 120psi and goes up to 220psi. Pump pressure higher than 120 psi is a sign of high performance.

Solution and recovery tanks

More spacious solution tanks and larger recovery tanks allow for longer cleaning times and reduce the need to fill and empty. Tank sizes range between 4 and 17 gallons.


The brush is the main component of a machine for carpet cleaning. Due to its corrosion-resistant and strong stainless steel, it’s recommended that you use this wand. Cleaning upholstery is done with four-inch brushes, while cleaning carpets requires larger brushes. Wands usually have only one jet. More powerful wands will often be dual jet.

Portable carpet washers are ideal for cleaning multiple cars, large buildings or car fleets. It is much easier to carry a carpet cleaner around and transport it on a trailer.

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